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Top 5 Travel Bloggers

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Top 5 Travel Bloggers you should follow

Travel bloggers inspire us and their amazing creativity, talent, and sense of adventure is always worth having a look at to determine where your next adventure holiday could be.

1) Dan Flying Solo

Daniel is a British bloke who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet on the regular.

Dan produces great tips and wonderful photography on his social channels on all his travels.

His photography has also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network.

View Dan here ->  Dan Flying Solo

image of Dan Flying Solo on Palm Tree overlooking sea

2) A Broken Backpack

Melissa has no filter and is such a warm hearted individual.

YOU MUST catch her on Snapchat or Youtube. She’s either hitchhiking though SE Asia or sharing her travel shenanigans.

Melissa has been published on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog and much, much more. She’s a true female backpacker and an inspiration!

3) Lili’s Travel Plans

Lili is a Belgian chick who is another kick ass travel blogger!

She was recently named #25 Top Travel Blogger To Follow In 2016.

Lili also has no filter and does a wonderful job at sharing her opinion about travel.

She’s also a Travello App

View Lili ->  Lili’s Travel Plans

4) The Blog Abroad

Gloria (aka glo) is an Arizona native and is the realest of the realest!

Never afraid to voice her an opinion, she is a talented writer who creates great content.

She also has a great eye for photography. She’s worked with top travel photographers and writes for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Matador.

View Gloria ->  The Blog Abroad

5) My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa Ramos is a Cuban American (like me!) Florida native.

She’s a GoPro selfie ninja master! Seriously tho, she even published ‘10 Tips For Getting Travel Photos With No People In Them’. She’s just that GOOD!

Alyssa is also part of the GoPro family and writes for Huffington Post, Matador Network and other media publications. Catch her on Snapchat as she’s always sharing quick travel tips for packing.

View Alyssa ->   My Life’s A Movie

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